Lauren VanBeek


Hi! This is Lauren! Call me Ren for short!

I love Jesus as my best friend and I wanted to find a way to tell about Him! I decided to try blogging, just on my personal facebook page and found myself being over taken by the Holy Spirit and what He wanted people to hear about Jesus. So, on the advice of a friend of my dad’s, I started this devotional page and let go so Jesus could work through me so I could serve Him with writing. On my own I am nothing, with Jesus I can do anything!

Year before last I published (Jack:the ice dog) a children’s book about following dreams and finding family. Writing is my passion so I want to keep going with that for as long as I am able.

I hope that everyone who reads these devotionals gets a greater sense of God and who He is and what He says! I also hope that people find love and hope; because whoever you are Jesus loves you and wants you to know Him more.

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