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But he was God’s man, so he succeeded.

But he was God’s man, so he succeeded.

How often do we see this in the Bible? How often do we watch as something unbelievable happens simply because the person is God’s.
Today my dad spoke on Genesis 14, he told is many great things to remember but the thing that stuck out to me the most was what he said about Abraham. If Abraham hadn’t been God’s man, if you hadn’t had had the angels of heaven, the armies of God coming with him you never would have been able to defeat the Kings and save lot. That is so true in so much that we go through. There are so many times when I feel like I should fail because I am inadequate to the task, but because I call on God and have him with me somehow I succeed. There is no way we can survive or succeed on our own, yes there are people who have made a success of themselves even though they are not Christians but it’s not the same, it’s not the kind of success that’s fulfilling. If you have Jesus you have everything, if you don’t have Jesus you have nothing. I know there will be times when Jesus doesn’t feel like he is enough to sustain you but he will always be enough and eventually you will see it. Keep pushing through and fighting forward, because somehow Jesus will do the impossible.

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A dry flower

Today I was watering my grandpa’s flowers and when I came around the corner, in the far back away from every other plant, I saw this small and dehydrated pansy. Obviously I poured some water on it and watched it spring back up. I felt happy as I watched the flower regain it’s zuberince. Then I realized how like us that flower is, we have dry moments, sometimes even dry years, where we feel like we are separated from everyone else and that nobody notices Us and nobody cares. Suddenly, just as we feel we are about to fade away, God delivers us from our drought and pours his healing water on us, and we are able to stand once again. Jesus never looks away, and he always sees us, Even in our times of testing in trial, Even in our times of dryness, he is taking care of us and he never lets us fade away. Right when we don’t think we can take anymore he pours his healing water on us and we come alive again. Don’t let your times of drought make you feel like the father doesn’t care or isn’t watching, sometimes we have to become dry so we can grow in him. Even if you can’t feel his presence today, he is watching and caring for you, and loves you.



Not acceptable

There are things we do as Christians that seems unacceptable by the world. This is because (as the Bible says) the world is offended by our light because they are lost in darkness. We have taken time off work to help someone who has no one else to call and been told that that is not acceptable, we reach out to the fallen because we are the only ones who see their reaching hands through the eyes of Christ and have been called unacceptable because of who we allow to have time in our lives and have had people who claim we are helping to forward our religion, but in truth we are helping because we see a need. Our music supports our Faith and is called unacceptable.
Not working on Sunday is considered unacceptable, smiling in the face of pain (because Jesus is just that amazing) is considered unacceptable. Not standing down when told to sit down and shut up is unacceptable, refusing to conform to everyone else’s standards is unacceptable, being free from the chains of this world is unacceptable, exercising our Faith, not giving in, never giving up- unacceptable.
Because those with a disease want you to be sick too, those who are being eaten alive by the devil want you to be devoured too so seeing your light and freedom makes them angry and you are marked as unacceptable.
Isn’t that wonderful! Paul want unacceptable, John was unacceptable, Elijah, Daniel, Mosses, David, all unacceptable at one time or another, Jesus… He was unacceptable too.
So, be unacceptable! Who wants to be accepted if it means having to give up what you believe in and who you are? Not me. I don’t throw Jesus in people’s faces but when asked I do say, ‘yes that is what I believe and who I believe in.’ If what I believe makes me unacceptable then that is something I need to be okay with. Because losing Jesus to gain this world is not something I am okay with.
So live unacceptably (to the world at least) and be a person who stands with Jesus.

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Beyond your cage

Reach beyond your cages and praise God!

Today my beautiful mom was worshiping God behind a covid safe screen in our church this morning and it made me realize that God is reaching down behind many walls and cages, He’s reaching for us. There are people in prisons, in underground churches, in basements, in flood and fire areas, in churches that are restrained by the government, in their own homes- afraid to go out. In hospitals, In sick beds, in care homes. Whatever your cage is. If your cage is literal or figurative. God is reaching down behind your walls and your cages to grab your up reached hands, up reached hearts and to lift you out of your cage. Sometimes Jesus enters in and if you look around you can see Jesus in your cage with you.
                             Your cage is not God’s cage.
God is working even when you can’t see past the bars. My dad’s old school mate Billy Richards said that faith is a muscle, you need to use it to make it strong. You can either let your cage defeat you, or you can let it grow you and your faith. Believe that Jesus can save you, He has already saved you, trusting His will can hurt- but it is always the right path to take.

No matter your cage, remember that Jesus loves you, and you have the savior with you.

        Jesus, we know that you can save us from our cage, no matter what it is, we use our Faith in you and know that you are with us even in our cages- amen.

Read Paul’s letters from prison and see how God can work beyond the bars of your cages❤ 

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A simple prayer for big things

We must remember to pray. To boldly approach the throne of God and speak our hearts, to humbly cry out to him.

We see the flooding in Europe and the NWT  God, we see the fires across our country here in Canada, we see violence and drought and hunger and fear and we know God that the only solution is you. So help us please God to seek you, to know you, to ask you and to worship you. A great man once said that God’s love language is a broken heart, there are so many broken hearts God and we ask that they find healing and rest and repair in you.

In Jesus name. Amen 

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Crows in your attic?

Last summer I lived in our trailer during the covid lockdown to make it feel like I was camping. While there I found that I had new neighbors, a pair of crows. They had built a big nest nest to me in the rafters of our pole barn. No big deal right? Ha! They had three babies, loud babies, from dawn till 10 am crying babies. Oh ya. At first I hated them, so loud all the time. Then as a week went by and then another I learned to love them. I named them and would call to them when I walked by, and they learned my voice and responded to me. The cawing I hated became the sound of a friend. Did you know that crows learn to recognize your voice so they can avoid you if you are an enemy? These ones learned to trust me as a friend, and now that they have moved on because a racoon destroyed their nest this year, I miss them.
Isn’t that the way it is with people? You can learn to hate them, to hate things about them and to want them gone, but then after you get to know them you sometimes realize that they are actually great! That you eventually can’t imagine life without them and miss them when they are gone. Just like my ugly feathered friends, the more you get to know and understand these people – the more they welcome you into their circle, the more you learn to care about them. Maybe that’s why Jesus had his disciples eat with other people, spend time with other people oh, and get to know them beyond where they stood in the community. Because He knew that when you open yourself up to others you learn more about yourself and are more accepting those around you. 
I am grateful for my ugly feathered friends teaching me the lesson of learning to love those around you, even if they are noisy and messy and oh so very loud.

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Gain through giving?

I once heard it said, that the reason we give so much up in our lives for other people is because they are what we leave behind when we are gone, through them our lives continue. It sounds a little strange until you think about it. When I mention a ‘but God’ moment, it’s my poppa speaking through me, when I struggle and find myself putting scripture in my shoes so all day I am standing on the word of God, that’s my nana. Those who are gone leave their legacy in us, and if they hadn’t taken the time and effort to teach me, serve me and be with me I might not have the strength that their words gave me. Nana is gone to Heaven but she still lives and guides and teaches through all the people she put effort into. We live in a ‘serve yourself first and then you will have the strength to serve others’ theory in this world, even evangelist speakers have said this once in awhile, and not that serving yourself is wrong, but if the only one you serve is yourself then that is wrong. Jesus didn’t say ‘love yourself, that is the greatest commandment,’ He said ‘love the Lord your God, and your neighbour as yourself.’ If all we ever do is serve us we miss out on the true Joy of serving others and through serving others serving God. Our joy comes from fellowship with Christ, you cannot serve yourself only and have fellowship with others. This sounds really discouraging I know, but I’m not saying drop everything and give up all your time for others, I mean we should actively aim and strive to be servants. If you want to spend a day sitting on the couch watching TV that’s fine, but if while sitting on that couch somebody calls you in need and you refuse to go because you’re busy taking care of yourself isn’t that wrong? As in all things there’s a balance, you can’t only serve others because you’ll hit burnout, but you can’t only serve yourself because that’s not how Christians Act. It always comes back to the old adage, what would Jesus do? Would he say no cuz he was too busy taking care of himself? Or would He go to help those in need? I guess that’s a dumb question, considering the answer is so obvious.

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Heaven’s angels

Today there is an angel with a dog bite on his hand, yesterday there was an angel with oil on his clothes, the day before there was an angel with too much heat as he stood guard today there is an angel watching over my heart. Every day there is an angel set upon us by God to watch over our actions as we do our part each day. Everyone has an angel the angels are gifts given to protect us by God, they never let us fall. There have been times when my angel has been dirty and worn because I know that that’s been my day and that he followed me through it. Those thorns in our skin as we worked in the yard and as weariness clowded our eyes God sends His angels to watch over us, and though they are not to be worshipped we should never forget the gift that they are. There have been days when there were angels who had been hit by another car as they pushed mine out of the way and kept me safe from the driver behind the deviating wheel. There’ve been times when my angel watches over those I love. There are days when I’m sure the angels have had enough but God is there watching over us each day, He sent his angels to guard us that’s what the Bible says.

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Drowning in God

There are times when my Faith makes me feel like I could walk out to Jesus on the waves without a doubt, and there are times when my fear makes me not want to even get into the boat. We are all afraid in part of going deeper into God. We like to have control of our lives just like we like to have control of the TV remote, when we go deeper into God we start giving up control. Stormie Omartan said ‘we let God into one room of our hearts and tell Him to stay there, but soon He starts knocking on the door to another part of our hearts, then another, then another until He fills our whole hearts. We hate losing control so we shove God in a corner and say we are Christians because we have Jesus, but that’s not what God wants, in fact that behavior is probably to blame for so many people claiming to be Christians but not acting like it. You can’t act like Jesus until He holds your whole heart. We have to trust God and be guided by our Faith so that we can fall so deep in God that we see nothing but Him.