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Thank you for the nails, the lashes, the crown, the humiliation, the seperation, and the cross Lord Jesus. Thank you.

Thank you for the Easter presents.

We always do Easter baskets in our family, (which originated in Old Catholicism for those wondering, no it did not begin with a bouncy rabbit no matter how cute he is.) The adults receive fancy chocolates, sometimes books, sometimes crafts, sometimes games- you get the picture. Afterwards we always thank each other for our Easter gifts.
But what about the big gift in the basket? The one that Easter is truly all about, do we thank the giver for this gift?
What does Easter mean to you?
In truth the date doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be in April for this day to be important. Too many get caught up in the chronology and forget about the event. If it happened in June or October instead, the day of Jesus’s death would still be the most important day in history. He gave us His purity. His honor. His grace. His blamelessness. He gave us a place in Heaven. So let me refrase the question: what does Jesus’s death mean to you? Do we remember to thank Him? He gave us the greatest gift we have, don’t let Easter go by, more importantly don’t let your life go by without stopping and thanking Jesus for His gift. He didn’t have to do it. He chose to.

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With Him in the garden

‘Today is my day to sorrow’, thought the tiny flower growing beside a rock. ‘Last night a great trouble came over me as a man, or something more than a man, sat by my side and wept. His tears were so great that when they splashed upon me I felt sick and my roots were weakened. I tried to reach out to the man, but I am just a flower and cannot draw attention to myself like a bird can with her song. He cried and screamed and begged and pleaded, but no peace came to this man. I hoped that He would look at me and I could make Him smile. He left and then returned, even sadder when He came back. All I could do was sit with Him. Then I sensed a resolve in His being and He went to stand once more. He stumbled and His hands landed near me. I tried to be radiant to bring Him comfort, finally He saw me, He smiled very gently, then He rose to His feet. “Thank you my radiant flower.” He said, then He left.
  I feel that something great and tragic happened that night. Today I feel as though a friend is calling out for mercy. Today I feel sad. But being a flower, I know that tomorrow will bring new joy and hope.’

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Don’t miss it

Don’t miss it

I remember hearing a Christian lady arguing with a scholar. She had asked a simple question but the scholar -not of Christian theology- had seen that she was a Christian and had decided to take her to the mat because of it. He used big words in several different languages and quoted the Bible back to her claiming his vast knowledge was proof that he could say that Jesus wasn’t God. When she tried to explain how he had misrepresented the scriptures he had chosen to quote, and what they truly meant within the context they are in, he had fought back by listing his degrees from some of the big name brand schools and claimed her lack of degree showed how she couldn’t understand scripture even of it were true. ( His expression. I fully know scripture is true). Finally she was so tired of him she simply shook her head and said, “You’ve missed the whole point.”
In this guys vast learning and studying he had claimed himself equal to Christ, he thought his knowledge of God placed him next to God on equal level with Jesus, because Jesus had come simply to prophesy about a new way to God, but wasn’t actually God Himself. He had missed the whole point. (We won’t go into how much of what he said was wrong and which chapters of the Bible prove how wrong this ‘learned man’ was, that would take too long.)
We can’t be Jesus. Jesus wasn’t a prophet or a scholar. If He had been than we would be in trouble because His death wouldn’t have meant a thing. We cannot sit equal to Jesus at God’s side. He was and is and always will be God’s only son. He is God. Jesus made it so we don’t need a priest, or a degree or a scholar to understand Him and be close to Him. The new covenant was an open relationship with God, not as little Christs oursleves, but as servants who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb. Before Jesus died, we couldn’t talk to God ourselves, we couldn’t ask for our own sins to be forgiven, and we always had to bring a sacrifice- now we can talk to God about everything, we don’t need a priest to ask for our sins to be forgiven, we can ask for it ourselves, and now we have a communion with the last sacrifice ever needed and through Him we are no longer slaves but friends. Study your Bible and learn as much about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit as humanly possible, but don’t feel your knowledge of God replaces a relationship with God. Don’t miss the point of the cross.

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Silent Wednesday

In the waiting

Today is silent Wednesday, silent because there isn’t really and event that happened today, it was more like a day of waiting. Waiting for the final bell to toll in this part of the story. The waiting must have been terrible. Imagine knowing the horrors that await you and still going forward to face them. So many can’t take the life they are in, too many give up before they have the chance to see the turn around, and these people don’t even know what lies ahead of them. Jesus knew what was coming and had the power to stop it. But for the sake of love, for the sake of me, He went forward. He knew His Father’s plan was perfect even though it would cause Him so much grief, the suffering didn’t change who His Father was in His eyes. He could have called down Legions upon Legions of angels to come and save Him. He could have simply took those who already loved Him with Him to Heaven and left the rest of us and not suffered at all. Yet He died and rose again, because that’s how much He loves us. Today would have been so hard for Jesus. Don’t let Him wait alone, stop and spend some time with Him today❤️ thank you Jesus for dying for me, even though I wasn’t yet born. You chose me, and I am grateful.

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Doing for others who won’t do for you

Doing for others who don’t do for you.

Do unto others… yep, we’ve all heard that over and over and over again until it’s too much. Funny thing is, the only one who ever said to love your neighbor as yourself who I have actually seen do so Himself was Jesus. Usually I find the one shelling out the do unto others line is the person who wants something from you, but when the roles are reversed that same person can’t be bothered to consider you a neighbor. Sounds familiar huh?
But no matter how many times I read Jesus’s words I can’t find the loop hole that would fix this problem, the loop hole that I have often put in myself in my actions, the one that says to only treat your neighbor as yourself if that neighbor will do the same for you. That feels right, doesn’t it? Maybe Jesus intended to say that but forgot? I mean, who would make you treat well someone who is a leech?
Oh, right, the same one who says love your enemies, He’s the one who would make us be good to those who aren’t good in return. It’s really hard. People who want to take from you but you rarely give back are some of the hardest people to deal with. At least you feel a little good about yourself when you do something kind for an enemy, but when you’re giving out to a bad neighbor it just makes you feel like a door mat.
Jesus however, never gave a command He didn’t follow Himself. To the point of suffering and death He did unto others as He would have them do unto Him, exept He knew full well that most of them wouldn’t do the same for Him; many wouldn’t even stop hating Him. The martyrs did for Jesus what He did for them, but how many more gave in to the politics and force of the rulers around them to save their own lives? Jesus knew we wouldn’t do the same for Him, yet He still walked the road to the cross. So next time I have to give to those I know won’t give back without a fuss, I hope the Holy Spirit reminds me that Jesus gave His life for me, knowing I would fail Him everyday. It’s not about give and take, as much as it hurts sometimes, it’s really all about give and wait for your reward in Heaven, which you earned because of someone who gave for you.

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Beneath His feet

If I were the sandals beneath His feet.

If I were the sandals beneath His feet, oh the places I would go. I would step into the Temple and hear Him teach the crowd. I would walk along the Jordan and see fish fill a boat. I would come too close for comfort to lepers and not fear their disease. I would see the lame man walk and watch the blind man see. Would I undstand His parables? Would I question who He was? Or would I know just be being near Him that He was God’s only son? I would stand upon a hill top and see the devil face to face. I would hear Jesus refuse to bow to sin. I would be stained by the sweat of donkeys. I would taste the sweet dew of morning on garden grass. I would be made wet by His tears. I would hear Him pray for all of us left. I would stand on a platform and watch a crooked trial. I would be hit by His blood, and strain to hear His defense. I would weep when He said nothing to free Himself. I would be gambled for at the foot of a cross. I would be shaken as the Vail was torn. I would break deep down as I realized He was gone. Then I would be far away from Him. I would be stuck on the feet of a Roman soldier. Then I would spend a long night outside a tomb and be terrified as the big stone rolled away. I would cry for joy as I watched the feet I knew so well and loved so dear walk past me in a glow I could not explain. I would hear from the soldiers later that He had been seen around, appearing before those He loved. Then I would see Him no longer. But I had heard Him say that He would return someday. I long for that day. The day when at His feet I might remain.
If only I were the sandals beneath His feet.

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Warrior who rides in on an animal of peace for the sake of the ones He loves.

“…Look, your king is coming to you…he is humble, riding on a donkey…” Zechariah 9:9

As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples, saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.’ ” They went and found a colt outside in the street, tied at a doorway. As they untied it, They answered as Jesus had told them to, and the people let them go. When they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it, he sat on it. Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!”
Mark 11:1‭-‬4‭.

Everything about Jesus coming and his ministry were preordained right to the Donkey. In a time when so many felt like what they needed was a warrior they ended up with a gentle and merciful King. Some days all you want is for Jesus to be the type of King who would come with through with his sword, beheading our enemies and setting us free. But that has never been Jesus’s character. Jesus doesn’t want to lose a single soul, so he comes riding on a donkey. For the sake of us, he would set aside his great power and die by human hands. In the final hour Jesus Will Come and he will destroy the enemy! Wielding a sword and killing all evil. But till that day comes we have to remain as occupiers, not taking up battle arms against people but against the devil who works through people. We don’t always want to go to the World on the back of a donkey, but until Jesus returns to Vanquish the enemy, we must ride out on animals of burden and peace, with our sword of the Spirit ready by our side. Jesus will come again, and when He does He will come as a warrior king with His army to defeat the true enemy- the devil will fall. But He wants to take back as many souls from the devil as possible before the final hour strikes, so he comes in peace because He chooses not to be our enemy even when we kill Him, because He loves us and wants us. What a sad and terrible day this must have been as Jesus saw people who should have loved Him, praising Him only while it was convinient. When He was no longer popular they shouted to crucify Him and to set the false Jesus free- they chose Barabas.
Still He comes in peace to a world full of lost and wandering souls who desperately need Him.

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Modeling chocolate

Have you ever tried to form clay? Or modeling chocolate? Or fondant?
Anything you try to form into a new shape has one common problem, it wants to do it’s own thing. You try to form it one way, it shifts to another. You try to make it round, it goes pointy; you want it flat, it develops bubles; you try to make a fower and you get an elephant. Clay is paitence building and time consuming.
We are told that we are clay and that God is the Potter. He knows what he intends us to look like in the end, so he molds us, and then he fixes our cracks, and then he shapes us again. Just like modeling chocolate, every time God tries to put us into the shape he intended us to be we try and mold ourselves into the shape we think we should be. Where God intended a beautiful flower we are becoming a cracked and crooked elephant. What a blessing it is that God is patient. If he got bored or annoyed he could crumple us up and throw us away and give up entirely, but he doesn’t. He keeps working with us, shift by shift, small movement by small movement, until we begin to take proper shape. God has a perfect and beautiful plan to create us into something wonderful, if only we would stop trying to form ourselves into what we think is perfect, if we let go and let the Potter do his job we will become something beautiful In the end.

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The enemy cannot win forever

Remember in the Two Towers? When Frodo and Sam are walking on the road of the old kings that had been taken by the enemy and they came across the statue of the great king. Violent hands had knocked off the king’s head and replaced it with a rock with a symbol of the enemy as a mockery to the king of old. Yet in the grass where the old king’s head lay, beard broken off and stone scarred, flowers of tiny gold and silver blossoms had encircled the kings head, crowning it once again, as if in honor to the old king, and Frodo said, “the enemy cannot win forever.”
I see in my mind an image of Jesus. People have marred it and the enemy set up something honoring himself and mocking Christ in the place of where Jesus’s earthly honor once stood. Yet there are still some who refuse to bow to the enemy, some who wish to be jewels in the true King’s crown. In a moment of sun in the dark world my heart cries out, “the enemy cannot win forever.” The true King will return in all His glory as He really is, not as how the enemy has made Him appear. He will vanquish all evil and we who honored Him still, even when it looked like He might be defeated, will sit at His feat in His throne room and be blessed by His presence. This will not last forever. Whatever darkness is getting inside your head, whatever fear you feel, whatever evil you see, it will all be destroyed when the King returns- when Jesus comes back to take us home. Long live the King!

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What is meant to last?

Tea pot rock. The Hoodoos. Minter Gardens. Notre Dame. Black hills mustangs.
Just to name a very small few.
There are so many things that are either gone or are fading that we thought would last forever. Only two of the things listed can be rebuilt or reopened, the rest once gone will be gone for good. It makes you stop to consider, how much of what we care so much about and put so much energy into in this world, will be gone in the next hundred years? The mustangs still could be saved if people would stand up for them; but the rest there’s nothing you can do to help. God never intended for this world to be eternal, not after the fall that is. He plans on rolling it up and tossing it away. Which is so hard for us because this world is all we know. Yet to Him this world is just a short stop for His people before we go to Heaven. Then people start asking why God would do that? Why not just have in Heaven to begin with? We’ve all heard the questions and the answers, yet I feel that the reason God started us here was because it was His plan to start us here, He’s the one writing the story, He can do as He pleases. I heard about an algae living in a space under the ice on the sea floor of the Antarctic; life in an area where life shouldn’t be able to exist. All the scientists from all different science standpoints wanted to explain how it got there, and I just smiled and went, “you had fun with that didn’t you God?”
I get science. I was going into Marine Biology before God called me to a differnt path. Just saying that because I know how some people do the, ‘well people who don’t understand science are the ones who don’t try to explain it,’ thing. God is in control. That makes us feel very small and helpless so we try to come up with things that make it sound like we are in control. Like the latest one that says: God doesn’t actually have a plan or an agenda for your life, He’s just there for you if you need Him.
That’s wrong by the way. People who have read their Bible know that that’s not accurate, and those who believe this and have read their Bibles need to read their Bibles again.
Agenda is a bit of a contorted word these days, it’s one of the many words that have lost their original meaning, but basically it means that there is a plan for you, specifically, and every part of you life has been known and calculated since before you were conceived. You can deviate from that plan, but when you let Him, God will put you back on the right path. I know that that thought can feel scary because it’s a full acknowledgment of the greater power that God has compared to us. But he does have a greater power, an unbelievable power, and yes it is to be feared, but when it’s protecting you because you are one of His children, then it is something to be adored and respected. God sees you. As an open and bare soul. No part of you is hidden from Him. But instead of being terrified or trying to make God smaller so He doesn’t bother you so much, you should lean into His knowledge about you and feel safe knowing that He knows it all and is taking care of you.

God’s plan is for the eternal. For your soul. Even when the Hoodoos are flat and the grasslands (as sad as it will be) are bare, God’s plan for you will remain, because His plan for you ends in you running into His open arms at the end of your story and hearing Him say, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Don’t leave His path. Don’t run from His plan. His plan is because He loves you and wants you with Him forever.