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What do we bring?

What gifts do we bring Him?

The Shepherds brought their time.
The Magi brought their riches.
The disciples brought their lives.
His parents brought their faith and obedience.
So what do we bring Jesus?
He gave us everything we have. Hope, joy, healing, sustenance, peace, grace, love. He gave His dignity and His relationship to God. His pain is ours to unwrap, His grief and suffering, His sorrow. We can untie the bows on His glory and goodness. We can shake the box full of His kingdom and receive all He has given us. So, what are we giving Him?

What part of us does He ask for? All of us. Our heart, soul and mind, right? It can be a difficult request to fill, but isn’t that what He brought us? His heart, His soul, His mind. Ask and you shall receive, so maybe what we should ask for is the will and ability to be like our Savior. If we are more like Jesus then perhaps we will be able to bring Jesus more.

Love you all!

May your season and year be filled with Christ’s peace, His hope, His love, and His joy!

Merry Christmas

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Today I die

Today I die

I sit in my cell with the bare cold hungrily eating into my flesh, my wounds almost numb from the night before. Suddenly I look up into the face of my executioner. He clamps irons on my wrists and I am pushed, pulled, and dragged up the winding stair case onto the street above. A cross is driven onto my back by the ruthless pull of gravity and I am told to walk, so I walk. A soldier follows in place of my shadow and strikes me with his whip whenever I slow down, so I don’t slow down, I move as quickly as my beaten body will allow until I reach the top of the hill where I am finally permitted to lie down upon my burden. I close my eyes and tense my throat as vomit threatens to choke me from the agony of the spikes being driven into my hands and feet. Tears burn my eyes and soak my neck as I am lifted up. Everything turns blurry from the pain, people were laughing, I think, I couldn’t really hear past the high pitched ringing raging through my ears.
Breath comes in gasps as the hours pass by. Hours? Or was it days? It felt like days. My shadow comes along and begins breaking legs. Mine are next and suddenly the troubled breathing turns into no breathing at all. Tell me someone can hear me. I know I am screaming so where are the ones to save me? Then it ends. I awaken to see a judge. Sad eyes touch mine and He shakes his head. Two dark figures grasp my arms and drag me away, forever. ‘Wait!’ I cry. ‘Have mercy! Please!’
But there is silence as the judge turns His face away and I am led off to my eternal sentence.

This is what it would be like if Jesus had not taken that cross for us. If instead we had gone through our own crucifixion. Pain, death, hopelessness, and no promise of rescue.
If we had been sacrificed instead it would never have been enough to pay back all the wrongs we have done. In the end death would lead to death and nothing could change that.
Thank God that He sent Jesus to save us. Thank Jesus that He was willing to come.
Thank the Holy Spirit for residing in us.
Without love, God’s love, we would truly have nothing.
As the true story reads.

God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son. Continue with me. That whosoever believes in Him… should not?…. Might not? Will not perish, but have eternal life. -John 3:16

Thank Jesus today for dying for you.

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Carrying your sword in hand

I have an author that I used to read a fair bit when I was younger. In the end of one of his books the ships are leaving with all the warriors of the king and one soldier comes running last of all. A soldier who had chosen to never go to war and to simply carry his weapon and claim to be part of the king’s army. In the end the king refused to take the soldier with him to his kingdom because, though he carried a weapon given him by the king, he never used it.
This made me think of God. Do we simply carry God’s gifts and feel that because we have them we are special, the ‘God chose me’ mentality? Are we special if all we do is posses unused gifts? We cannot simply believe in God but not serve Him. Now, I have no authority to say Heaven is out of reach for those who only believe and do not serve, but if God has given you a gift He has done so so that you can use it for HIM. He does not gift us for the sake of our pride. Romans 12:7 if your gift is teaching, teach; if it is serving, serve.
If your gift is being a mom then be the best mom you can possibly be to God’s glory.
If it is construction then construct to God’s glory.
Whatever you do, give your gift back to God. You do not want to simply carry your sword in it’s scabbard and never draw it. Do you polish it so you can admire your reflection or so it is optimal when you go to battle? Be a warrior who carries their sword in hand and is ready to use it. The sword of the Spirit is hungry and ready to be wielded, and if the Spirit is leading you then you are fighting on God’s team. Do not be discouraged, you may be already wielding your sword and not know it. Listen for God’s direction and let the Spirit guide you. Serve God the best way you know how. Further His kingdom as only you can. God gifted you for a reason and He will show you that reason but do not give up on searching for ways to be God’s warrior no matter how small it may seem. You are special and having a gift is a special thing, but being special without using your specialty is a waste. So waste not, find your niche, and fight for God’s kingdom.

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