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Tone deaf


When you are a musician you can usually hear tone pretty well. Tone, not to be confused with tune, can change a song drastically. If the tone is wrong then everything sounds wrong. It’s like that when we are talking with people. If our tone is unpleasant then it may seem like we are saying something other than what we mean. If your tone sounds irritated then people will automatically think you are annoyed. If your tone sounds happy then people think you are happy.
It’s like speaking with an animal. If I say in a high tone, “let’s go to the groomer’s today buddy!” My dog gets very excited, even though he hates being groomed, he loves the car ride though.
It’s easy to forget your tone when speaking. I do a lot of physical activity so pain is not an uncommon thing, unfortunately. When in pain I have been criticized for having an angry or irritated tone. It’s just the way I sound when I am pushing through a day of pain. Making myself sound happy takes too much effort and wears me out when I am injured. I realize that my tone bothers people though. Tone can change a whole conversation. So when speaking, try to tune your ear to your tone.

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Walking on the clouds

Your ways are higher than my ways. Your thoughts higher than my thoughts.
Isiah 55: 8-9

People were never meant to stay on the ground. We always have a need in us to climb higher, build taller and touch above the clouds. Why? Well, the Aztecs believed that the taller they built and the higher up they were the closer they were to god. Or at least that is what I have read. Now. I don’t believe we need to fight to get higher in altitude to be closer to our God, but perhaps deep down we all have a similar feeling. Isn’t that why we reach our hands up when we worship. We are reaching to God. Maybe, just maybe that is why we feel a need to go higher. In truth, we all (even non-Christians) want to get closer to God. It is built into us, that’s why so many people claim to be searching for something. That something is Jesus; and He can be found right here where we are right now.

Thank you Jesus for the blessing of who you are. Thank you that we don’t have to climb to you because you are here with us. Amen

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Shark Week

This BC raised girl loves all things ocean. Of course….that won’t come as a surprise. By coincidence one summer I found Shark Week, and was…’hooked’….haha. The thing I love most about sharks is how obvious of a creation they are, and by that I mean they clearly point to a creator, our creator. Sharks do not see well so they hunt using gell filled sacks on their noses called the nebuli of linguini. ( I am sure that is spelled wrong, but it is my best guess.) These sacks pick up sonar. Their gills are like sponges that filter debris as they breathe, their skin is made of the same material as their teeth and acts as a kind of chain mail. All this to say, how can anybody know all this about sharks and NOT believe in God? No molecule decided that it wanted sharks to be able to track a change in the ocean temperature, or to be able to dislocate their jaw when attacking prey. All animals are clearly created, but sharks are so cool that when you look into them it is really easy to see the fingerprints of God. Oh ya, if you are wondering what use they have on planet ocean I have two words for you, ‘natural filter’ and that is only one very small thing they do. If you want to know more about sharks I recomend highly visiting an aquarium, Vancouver Aquarium specifically has professional marine biologists that are more than enthusiastic to answer questions.

God saw that His creation was good, and now there is a week to learn about a very cool part of said creation.

Thank you God for your wonders that you gave us to discover.