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He is with you

Exodus 33: 14
My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

I love home. Unless I am traveling, and even then I feel a sense of joy driving up our road, there is no place I would rather be. But work takes me away some times, and though I always appreciate God’s financial provision, I miss home. Tonight I am away for work and things started off sort of rough. Feeling sad and just wanting to be back home with those I love hit me pretty hard tonight. Then this verse came up on my phone: My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. It was like God was giving me a big hug.
You see. We forget sometimes that God loves us. We forget that He wants to be with us. He follows us wherever we go and surrounds us with His presence. When we pray we are speaking right to Him, and He is listening. The distance is never too great, the hour is never too late- He is always near by me, hearing my fears and needs. Why? Because He loves me. He loves you too. And wherever you are, wherever you go, He sends His presence with you.

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Jesus has always showed me what I am made of. When my mom left me with our farm for the first time when I was 19, and was away for almost a month and a half to visit my dad at a work related thing in the NWT I was looking forward to trying to see if I could do it all myself. With so much land to keep up with the grass cutting, my Poppa deciding to redo the back fences and hay season baring down on us my enthusiasm waned. Oh ya, and summer is dust and mud season so the house needed work, often. It felt like as soon as I found my groove, the tornado hit. It took down 30 something trees. So my late 80s Poppa and I got to work. Hauling trees, cutting them into moveable sizes, repairing buildings, tending to my beloved horse who had a minor injury from it. In all of it I looked around and saw how God had protected us. Now I look back and see how it made me grow. No matter what I face, if I have my Jesus I can take it on and do my best. All I have to so is be willing to rise to the challenge. I would prefer a life without tornados, but now whenever I look at a large task at hand and have someone say,
‘Do you think you can handle this?’ I always respond.
‘Of course! It can’t be as bad as the year of the tornado.’
If I could rise to that, God can help me rise to anything. Besides. Sleep is over rated. 