When did we become so afraid to say the name Jesus?

Jesus is our savior, He is our King, He is our friend; but are we His friend? If we are afraid to say we love Him, to call Him as ours then are we His friend? This world is changing, in some ways good, in some ways not so good, but where will Jesus fit into all this change?

We can go right back to Jesus’s  ministry as a man here on earth all the way up to His ministry through Christians in the present day and we see many common strings linking these times. The one I am going to touch on is the string of trying to get rid of Jesus.

The High Priests of the courts back in the days of Herod tried and failed to rid the world of Jesus. I say failed because He rose again and then ascended into Heaven where He now reigns until the day when He returns to collect His people.  Jesus was crucified in as brutal a fashion as you could crucify a man, and yet He lives. Even if you ignore the fact that Jesus rose again, even if you believe He stayed in the tomb His ministry never died. Wheather Jesus rose again or not (I believe He did) Jesus’s ministry lived on. In countries that tried to squash it by killing His believers, through ages of people trying to rid the world of the name Jesus, He has survived, both literally and in narrative. So where does He fit in now?

In a world where hate mail is a common thing since the creation of FaceBook and Twitter; In a world where people mock, slander, insult and swear at you if you say the name Jesus, where does He fit in? Where He always has. In the whisper, in the quiet, in the yearning and crying of our hearts for someone who loves us, that is where Jesus fits in. IN the magnificent, the crouch of a lion or the roar of the ocean waves, that is also where Jesus fits in; He is in everything if we look for Him. Why are we afraid to say the name Jesus? Our ancestors never were, or at least it didn’t stop them. Throughout history people have died and suffered for the name of Jesus so why are we so afraid in a country where people can’t hurt us with more than just their words? We need to remember that Jesus is there when we speak His name, we are not standing alone, and we need to feel privileged to say the name Jesus and know that He is there. We don’t need to be afraid, people’s words hurt, when they call down and insult Jesus it hurts, but He is used to it and we need to be willing to stand with Him anyways.

3 thoughts on “JESUS

  1. I think that the devil has tricked us into silence. We have so many excuses but none of them can stand up against one question. How can we deny the one who died for us?


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