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Diamonds in the Rough

It is not what is outside, but what is in.
If God was a miner of precious stones, if He delved deep into the mountains of the world in search of all who were worthy to be fit into a piece of His crown would He pick you? Would He pick me? Would He pick any of our friends or relations? No, because none of us are worthy to be picked by God, to be called His special treasures; but God doesn’t look for those who are worthy; instead He looks for those who have potential, diamonds in the rough. We are less than adequate here on earth, but once we are with God, brought forth into pure beings who serve Him fully, then we will have been refined and been made worthy. Even the most devout Christians have their flaws and yes we do go through a refining process here on earth, but only in Heaven will our true lights shine as reflections of the glowing radiance of Christ.

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