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Screaming alone?

In God, I will praise His word, In God have I put my trust, I will not be afraid; what can flesh do unto me? –Psalm 56:4
How many times have we sat back and just screamed because we didn’t know what else to do? Instead of fears and screams, we need prayer and praise. As long as we have God on our side nothing can hurt us, it’s when we try to do things without God that we stumble and fall. When we stumble with Jesus He is there to catch us and we never fully hit the ground. Jesus is there with His hand on our backs guiding us along, even though we do not always feel Him, He is there, and we have no reason to be afraid. He dries our tears when we cry and jumps with us when we are glad, He is our friend and our savior.

2 thoughts on “Screaming alone?

  1. When I am sad, He makes me glad. He’s my friend”. You have reminded me of one of my favorite hymns. “Jesus is all the world to me”. I is hood to look back at all of the times Jesus has pulled us through in the past so we can have hope for today.


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