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Made new 

The ocean uses everything in it for the benefit of the ones living in it. One of my favorite childhood pastimes was searching for seaglass. Sea glass is beautiful and highly coveted by beach combers, but do you realize what sea glass is? It’s trash, bits of discarded glass and pottery that some lazy person has dropped on the beach or in the Ocean instead of taking it to the garbage. After being discarded this trash is thrown and tossed and caressed and formed by the sea. Let me repeat that. This garbage is formed into something beautiful and sought after. 

We are like sea glass. In truth most people start off pretty worthless, and then God takes them. There is tossing and rough beatings getting us to our potential  but in the center of that is a gentle guiding hand and in the end we are beautiful and refined. 

As the sea makes broken bottles into shimmering crystals, God makes broken people into strong warriors.

2 thoughts on “Made new 

  1. I love sea glass. Beach combing is my favorite past time. When ever I would find sea glass I felt that I had found a real treasure. It is so wonderful to know that God considers us His treasure. Thanks for your post. I long for a trip to the sea.

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