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Not just a misfit 

Remember the island of misfit toys in Rudolf? The place to go when no one wants you because you don’t fit in. I realized recently how much I can relate to those toys. How often I feel like I just don’t belong and it made me wonder how many other people feel that way? I exspect many do. The world is made up of categories and either you fit in a category or you don’t really fit anywhere; but God didn’t create those categories people did. God didn’t make us to fit in a box and be stacked with all the other boxes labeled the same, He made us to stand out. God made us Rachel, Lauren, David, Ryan, Max. He didn’t make us athlete, equestrian, book worm, mathalete those are just parts of us, the whole is so much more than a category.  Some of us don’t have a category to climb into and maybe that’s because God has made us too unique to be just one thing. God loves  His misfit toys because they are the ones who will go on to shape the world the way God wants it. They will go on to be the next David Livingston, Martin Luther King, Peter, Mosses, Hur. Some people may only have a very small role to play in the big picture, but that role will be significant and amazing. God has made sure of that! Even if you never realize what you’ve done, we all will have done something amazing in God’s plan by time we are through here on earth. 

So embrace being a misfit, it’s the misfits that change the world.

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