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A touch without a feel 

When we are going to church, praying, reading our Bible but we feel nothing; we are touching God but not feeling Him. We all go through these ‘cold wars’ where our fire for God has burned low, if not completely out but it’s when we stop fighting during these wars that we are in trouble. We must fight to feel God again, to regain our connection to Him. We must push harder and seek deeper lest we lose all touch and feel of Him. We must fight until our ‘cold war’ heats up and we are on fire for Him again. So we must keep reaching out and touching God with the knowledge that He is reaching back; and though our grip keeps slipping we must try again and again until we feel His hand holding us. 

As the old song goes, ‘reach out to Jesus He’s reaching out to you.’ Don’t be afraid that you’ll never find your fire again, just keep diligently searching and you will eventually see that Jesus never left you no matter how cold you felt. He was always there waiting for your flame to rekindle and burn again, and yes, He was praying for you through the battle and helping you every time you let Him. So burn on little candle and let your light reach all around you starting them on fire too. If you put enough candles together soon you have a blazing inferno and that light will continue to reach until the world is on fire for Jesus.

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