What kind of shepherd?

I live out in the country and my family’s farm is surrounded by other farms with cows or sheep. Recently one of our ‘neighbours’ added a new member to their flock, this new member is a little different than the other sheep in the fact that he is a bald faced alpaca. Yep I said alpaca, it surprised me too when I saw him. When inquiring as to why the farmer suddenly had a thing for exotic pets, we learned that alpacas hate cyotes and will chase them off if they come near the sheep. So the new member was there as a live in shepherd, a watcher to protect the sheep. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our good shepherd, in other words He goes above and beyond to take care of His flock. In the days of David the shepherds lived on the fields with their flocks to care for them; they would fight off bears and wolves and other passers by who were hungry enough to try to grab a sheep. Shepherds were injured, got sick and sometimes were killed in their diligent work, but nothing could draw them from their flock. Our modern shepherds don’t have the time to watch their flocks day and night and protect them from predators so they get help, hence the alpaca. Jesus on the other hand is like the old shepherds, the never leave, never give up soldiers of the fields who never allowed their sheep to fall prey to enemies. Like the alpaca, Jesus is a constant shepherd, out in the wilderness to protect HIS beloved. Jesus died to protect us from the enemy, like shepherds are willing to do for their sheep, but Jesus rose and came back with safety and freedom in His hands! He came back to us to continue to protect us as He continues to love us. Once in a while bad things may still come, but Jesus is still watching over us and He will never leave us in a storm longer than we can handle. Our shepherd never leaves us nor forsakes us, hallelujah what a saviour!

2 thoughts on “What kind of shepherd?

  1. Amen! What a saviour. I like thinking of Jesus, my shepherd. Maybe because I know what a stubborn sheep I am. Any other shepherd would have put me in a pot of stew long ago. He is so patient, merciful and kind. I like the “soldiers of the field ” statement. What an accurate description.


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