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Trusting in God shouldn’t be a hard thing to do, but it can be. It’s not easy to say, ‘okay I’ve prayed about this, now I will trust you completely.’ If you’re like me you’ll be more likely to say, ‘okay I’ve prayed about this, now I’m going to pray about it like 60 more times and then maybe, maybe, I’ll be okay.’ It’s not because God has ever failed us that it is sometimes hard to trust him; it’s our own fear that makes it difficult. Trust not in your own understandings. Good because my own understanding freaks me out, my peace comes from knowing that God is still good all the time, that never changed.God knows, He isn’t blind to our fears, He holds our tears in His hands, and when the tears become too great to hold, He holds us in His hands.

I know that fear is the big Joy killer in our lives, but it’s also the great thief of our hope, the destroyer of our Faith and even though we know better we all allow fear to grab us by the throat every so often and we find our trust spiraling away like water down a drain. God still knows best. He gets that we struggle with trust and that fear can be a hard thorn to pull out. If only we could make ourselves breathe and relax then we could leave it in God’s hands. Trust gives peace, so trust fully in God because He is the only one in this whole world who will never let you down.

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