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Hold my hand

What is it about holding someone’s hand that makes us feel stronger, safer, steadier? Why does that simple touch, the warmth of their fingers around yours make such a big difference? Its a symbolic gesture, a way of saying “I’m here for you” similar to a hug. My aunt has two little boys and they both constantly want to hold your hand when out walking. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have been holding one of their hands and something has happened to cause them to trip, the only thing keeping that kid from pain was my hand. The minuet I feel them start to go down I tighten my grip and hold them up, lifting them back to their feet. In the exact same way Jesus is holding our hands. As we go through life His powerful fingers are intertwined with ours and when we trip He holds us up and lifts us back to our feet. He even gave us other people to help hold us up. When we pray together how often do we hold hands? It’s a symbol of you’ve got me and I’ve got you. Sometimes we try to pull away from that constant loving hand and it will let us go until we come back and accept it again. I’m going to end with a word picture. I can imagine Jesus, strong and gentle, standing on hill top overlooking whatever veiw makes you happiest. Now place yourself running up to see Him so excited or maybe scared and you trip expecting to hit the ground. Suddenly a hand reaches out. Its scarred and battered from years of work but you grasp it instinctively. Strong arms lift you back to your feet and you look up into those laughing, dancing eyes now filled with tender concern. He asks if you are alright as you nod your head embarrassed. Then your savior takes a tighter grip on your hand and leads you to the best spot to see the veiw. Even though you move across vines and rocks you do not stumble again because that constant hand keeps you secure on your feet. Don’t let go of Jesus and He won’t ever let go of you.

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2 thoughts on “Hold my hand

  1. Sometimes we make following Jesus too complicated. He tells us to trust Him like a little child. Just hold Him hand. He will take care of everything else.

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