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What is love?

Love is such a simple word for something so complex.
It is resounding passion and a simple promise.
Fear and courage all rolled into one. It’s the cold of winter and the brilliant, warm rays of a summer sun.
Is love a maid running from a ball, losing a shoe and having a prince fall in…love?
Is love flowing hair from a tower window up high?
Is love a secret meeting in the darkness of night?
Are any of these true love I ask?
Or is love not so easy, is true love a task?
When the troubles come and the cold winds blow, will this kind of love stay or will it go?
Love is an overused word and so it’s true meaning has been lost. Love is sacrifice, love has a cost.
Once upon a time as all great stories go a man came down from Heaven abandoning His royal throne. He dwelt among shepherds, fishermen and kings. Then He was crucified for saying the wrong things. If you assume He does not know love betrayed, then you have forgotten the garden and the kiss Judas gave.
True love rose again after three days and still loves us in every possible way.

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3 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. A beautiful poem packed with deep meaning. On this month of celebrating love it is good to be reminded that though we may be alone in a human sence, we are not alone at all but are cherished and loved with a love that cannot be shaken.

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