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The smell of rain

Perfect rainy days, where the wind blows and pulls on your hair like a vigorous stylist and the rain itself smells salty like the ocean as it plays Chopin on your truck windshield.
Days where adventure in palatable and your fingertips tingle as the dampness of the day plays upon your hands.
I adore days like today because I am a BC girl. Many people find tge rain depressing, but not me. God brings the rain for the plants to grow, to heal and encourage the land, He has a purpose for every drop that touches the earth just as He has a purpose for every person.
Trust in the one who knows all and tells each cloud where to place it’s bounty and calls the wind to direct the shower. There is a reason for everything including a sleepy, rainy day. So enjoy the rain as it falls, listen to it’s music and relax.

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