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When dreams come true

I have a favorite movie….okay I have several…. but this one is top to second on my list. In the movie, when the dream finally comes true/the treasure is finally found, the protagonist lifts it into his hands and says,
“After a lifetime of searching, I can touch it.”
I wonder if that is what Heaven will be like?
After a lifetime of seeking after God we can finally touch Him.
Can you imagine the day you finally get to touch Jesus, to see Him? What will it be like to hold His hand? To see Him smile?
A dream is something you work for, and beleive me it often takes tears, determination and a galaxy full of Faith, but when that dream comes to pass and you can touch it it makes every tear feel worthwhile. Don’t you think that after a lifetime of following a Jesus we cannot see, to have an eternity following a Jesus we can not only see but we can feel will be a complete dream come true?

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