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Who am I?

Who I am?

One of the most important things I learned how to do as a pre-teen was how to make a pot of coffee. Why? Because if you cut me open I would bleed Tim Horton’s blend medium roast.

One of the most fundamental mistakes I ever made was my first boyfriend. At 13 years old you don’t know enough about yourself to start knowing someone else. That being said, it was a mistake that I no longer regret, because of how much I learned about myself, my values, my goals, other people and life in general. Oh ya. And high school really does never end.

My best friend has always been my dog. Every dog I have ever owned has quickly gone from cute pet to soul mate in a matter of days. We get each other. We sacrifice for each other. And when my love for live runs dry my dog pours his love onto me, ( usually in wet kisses.)

I grew up somewhat self reliant due to being an only child, so group activities always made me uncomfortable. I also became jealous of the people who click easily and fit groups well. But in turn I ended up with one or two solid friendships instead of tons of wishy washy ones.

Jesus knew what my life needed to make me who I am and who I am becoming. Whomever said that you are an adult by your twenties missed something. 20+ is a small number and we are still small in our understandings, probably still small in our works, and most likely small in the world. That is not a bad thing. We are still growing up and figuring out who we are and where we belong. We don’t need to have everything figured out, that’s God’s job.
I know many people who, at over 40, have decided to rewrite their lives. Why? They wanted to have everything figured out and in place before they were 30, so they ended up in jobs that don’t suit them and with a life style they hate. Enter the re-write.
Take time. Get to know yourself. Get to know God. Slow down and find your ‘sweet spot’ as Max Lucado calls it. If you are in a life place that you don’t feel God has called/ guided you to and you want out..get out. He knows what He is doing and will lead you where He knows you belong. Trust Him.
In the armor of God we almost always forget one important piece. Shoes. The shoes of readiness are things we tend to forget to put on. And come on, don’t the perfect shoes make the outfit? Where are your shoes of readiness leading you? Where does God want you to go?
Slip on your flats, runners, steel toe work boots, or lavendar stilettos and be ready for what God is calling you to do and where God is calling you to go.

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Funny. At 57 I wonder st times who I am. All of life is a learning, growing, maturing journey. Letting God take the lead will in the end bring the fulfillment that we are longing for. Thanks for being brave enough to be real.


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