Are we coddling evil?

We need to stop coddling evil. Evil is evil no matter what form. This is not a criticism, trust me. When the snow hits and the temp plummets my time with Netflix increases as does many people’s. This January and we live in one of the coldest provinces so as you can guess I have hit the, ‘there’s nothing to watch,’ issue. I could always read and that’s great too. Anyway. I entered into a TV show world that I recalled having come out when I was a kid. So I thought if I never watched it back then I might as well now. TV MA usually just means violence and for war TV I don’t hide from that. My family was in the war. I don’t ever want to look away from those horrors because it feels….wrong somehow, even if it is only TV.
Going from violence to divination was my problem with what I saw. Something detestable to God, that is Biblical so please don’t be offended. I have a small problem though. I get caught up in story lines and the ‘it has to get better’ temptation. In books too. So I stomached it and just closed my eyes and attempted to avoid the harsher sub titles. That was when it hit me. A loud voice saying ‘DON’T CODDLE EVIL.’ We see evil as murder, theft, so on. But, and I apologize because I know that this will hurt, witchcraft is evil too. Even if it is only on TV. Anyone given power by the devil. And that is what it is, the Bible says so. Is committing an evil act. And. We coddle it. ‘It’s not real.’ Right? But now it’s living in your mind, taking up residence meant for the Holy Spirit. And I really am sorry because there are a lot of good movies and books out there that have a witchcraft base, but wicked to God is still wicked to God.
I felt that this was something I needed to share as a devotional thought for this week. I didn’t want to because I knew it was offensive but I also know it’s true.
Please. Don’t coddle evil. Love Jesus. Find stuff that avoids honoring the devil. It is hard, I know that. But it is necessary.

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