Have you ever noticed that a person can shower you with compliments all day long and then say one nasty thing to you, maybe not even intending to be unkind, and the nasty thing is the only thing you remember?
Isn’t that awful.
The devil really likes to mess with us doesn’t he?
I know maybe 2 people who only ever remember the good things. I wish I was one of those people. To only ever remember the good things you do. Forgetting all of the bad things and moving on without a second thought would be so amazing. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way the real world seems to work. It seems like no matter how hard you try there will always be negative memories. That’s not our fault. The devil brings up negative memories, negative thoughts, and the negative emotions that cause these things. I wish I had some big answer that could help people move on and have fully Sunshine lives, but I don’t. The only answer I can think of is not something you can do, it’s simply somebody you can love. Loving Jesus has been proven to cause people to actively try harder to be better people. Being more like Jesus means there will be less things for you to regret, for us to regret. Jesus lived a guilt-free, Flawless life. In the end Jesus would have had no cause for negative memories or thoughts because He was perfect, that doesn’t mean that every day was perfect, but anything negative that happened wouldn’t have been his fault so the devil couldn’t use those things against Him like, he uses our faults against us. When negatives come your way, remember, you are not alone in your suffering, we have all been there. You are also not powerless to stop it. Pray Jesus’ name over these things and watch your victory come in.

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