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Use your tears

Use your tears

I once heard an urban legend about a donkey who had fallen down a hole. With no way to get him out the farmer, (whom I think was very unkind) decided to bury the animal there. But everytime the man threw a shovel full of dirt down the hole the donkey appeared to rise. Eventually the animal was out and free again. (Hopefully on his way to a better home.)
Everytime the man threw dirt on the animal he shook it off and trampled it underfoot until he had climbed out of the hole.
If we were in a hole and up to our throats in water our fear would most likely cause many of us to panic and cry; every tear drop causing the water around us to rise. The harder you cry the deeper the water gets until eventually you can swim. After treading water for a bit you find you can swim to the edge and climb out.
Sometimes letting it all go and just screaming out to God is the only way to help you rise to the surface of the hole you are in and climb out.
Use your tears to help you heal. God made it so we could cry for a reason.

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