Smile? What’s that?

I believe that next year when my Facebook memories come back up I will see these posts and be reminded of the Glory of God for how he has taken care of us during these times. Today I had to go out. I know we are under advisement to stay indoors but my dog required medication. Are vet’s office was kind as always, they had held aside a prescription for my dog for his Heartgard pills because they were concerned that the office would start running out of needed medicine supplies so they were trying to get us all in early. Which of course meant that I was walking through town. I found it odd how I would be across the road from other people, and yet no matter how big that distance was, if I waved they wouldn’t wave back. And if I smiled they wouldn’t Smile Back. Guys. The virus cannot be contracted by smiling. I’m not offended, but if we are going to get through a disaster like this virus then we are going to need to be kind. By no means do I mean we should go and be together, we really should keep the social distance. We want people to be protected and we want ourselves to be protected but smiling and waving from a distance isn’t going to hurt you. My concern when I saw this was how afraid people clearly were. So afraid that people who are normally kind and friendly are suddenly cautious and wary, looking at you as if you are the next carrier who could kill them. Please don’t feel so much fear. You will be okay. We have Jesus, and as scary as it is to think about Contracting something and dying we nees to recall that when we die we still see Jesus. Go ahead and smile, keep social distance, but smile, because we are not going to get through this if we’re not smiling. Praise also, because through praise we will find strength.

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