Their blood is on us

There are things that are said often that shouldn’t be. Movements that are wrong.
There is a scene in a certain TV show that I won’t name because it is a little harsh. That being said, the main characters are in the middle of a war. Very quickly the people begin to run out of supplies because there are too many of them in the small area that is safe to live. The government decides to send a group of about 2 thousand people, Mostly old or sick, to “regain” an area of land lost to the enemy. They knew these people couldn’t do it. They sent them out to die so they could reduce the population. Later when the remaining people truly did need to regain that land the people complained at the new governor and what he said in response was this: 
“We stole the lives of the people who were sent to ‘regain’ that land. Their blood is on our hands. We owe them this, today we atone for that sin.”
Right now there is a movement to let the seniors and the people with diseases to die when they catch Covid and to only save the young and healthy. As one who fits in the young and healthy category I must say I was disgusted and horrified, but not surprised.  People are selfish and want to ensure their own safety. That is expected. That is wrong.
If we do this one day we will have to pay for the blood we have spilled and lives we have taken, don’t ever think that we won’t.
Please join me in praying against this monstrosity of human nature. God will never let Canada get away with doing such a horror, don’t be naive enough to believe He will. It is not our government doing this, not yet, so far this is just a small movement, but God help us if it grows. I know God always helps us, but we need to pray anyway.

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