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Broken like me

A few years ago at the Church Camp I attend, the pastor was speaking on God’s love language, and he said something that stuck with me. A broken heart is God’s love language. What? Brokenness? He then explained that when we are broken is when we seek God and see Him. When we are broken He makes us whole again and He makes us better. He works through our brokenness. 
No one knows brokenness like Jesus.
For those who don’t know, today is Palm Sunday. I wonder how broken Jesus was riding into Jerusalem today? Soon He would know ultimate suffering, soon He would die. What a level of suffering that laid upon Him. You can tell from His prayers in the Garden that He was broken. God used brokenness in and of His Son to make us whole. He uses our brokenness to make us whole too.
If you are broken today, keep your chin up! Today began a path to unmatched victory in our Spiritual lives. It can be a day that begins the path to your victory also. Just pray and believe.
He is Risen.

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