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Mother’s Day

Strong hands

When you think of strong hands what comes to mind?
A doctor? A soldier?

My Grandfather tells a true story almost every chance he gets. I have probably mentioned it before.
Grandpa’s Father was a farmer. Like most farmers, when spring came he burned the fence line before getting ready to plant.
Grandpa’s dad walked the line after to make sure every spark was out and in his walking he found a lump. He thought it was odd in it’s appearance so he pushed it over and out scampered three little prairie chicken babies.
He then realized that the lump was a mother prairie chicken who had covered the babies with her body and then succumbed to the flames. She wouldn’t move from protecting them even though it was killing her.
It made him very sad, and also amazed at the will of the mom.
Grandpa loves animals so it broke his heart.
Only a mom would die covering her babies with her body to protect them from death.
Those are strong hands.
God gave moms the nature to protect and defend the small and the weak. He gave them the power to push through anything whatsoever for the sake of those they care for. God is always with you moms! He will give you strength!
Happy Mother’s Day

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