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A little girl walks down the street, skipping  and humming as she makes her way to Church where her father, (the Pastor) is preparing to give his sermon. It’s a big day for her. Today she sings a solo at the Church about God as our Father. She has new stockings under her best dress and her mom has curled her hair. As she skips her shoe catches in a crack and she falls, tearing her new stockings and getting fresh blood down her dress. She sucks back a cry and stands up. Then falls again. Her shoe is broken. Now she cries. Loud and clear. Suddenly two arms lift her up and she sees her daddy, out of breath from running and now getting blood and dirt on his tie. He carries her to the Church. Cleans her wounds and puts on new bandages and then smiles at her. “You were late so I came to find you. Next time you decide to battle the sidewalk wait for me so I can help you.”
The little girl laughs and her dad places her on the floor, and they walk into the Sanctuary, five minutes late. People tap their watches and scowl but the little girl’s dad just takes her to the pulpit so she can begin her song and the service can start.
God is that dad. He comes running when we fall, he lifts us up and cleans our wounds, then he walks beside us on our path that he has set us to. People grumble sometimes and cast us looks, but God just keeps on pulling us forward to where we need to be.

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you God for always being my dad and taking care of me. Amen  

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