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You don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes, so never give up and never stop striving. Don’t let fear stop you from seeing God’s great gifts for you. I know first hand that staring your dragons in the eye can feel catastrophic; your body begins to reject your decision causing your internal organs to protest and your muscles to feel like jelly, and then your mind seems to second guess your heart, next thing you know you are being throw into the mouth of a giant whale by the other people in the boat. Because when God has a purpose for you, it won’t be easy. You will fight and claw your way through every moment some days, but that isn’t reason enough to not follow God’s plan. You will never be the hero of your story if you aren’t willing to fight. The best thing about your story being the fact that Jesus has already won the war, your battle is just a fight for one small part of your life, the eternal battle has been waged already, just don’t let the enemy have your part of the kingdom, Don’t give up! Jesus has planned everything for you and you will win this because He is fighting along side you!

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