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Falling into myself

As humans we often describe ourselves as having a hole inside. That can mean different things for different people, but many still have the hole. And as people we do all we can think to do; we find a way to plug the hole. We plug it with entertainment, food, friends, even family. And it plugs up happily. Except… Just like wet sand to fill a gap in a wall, these small fixes -no matter how hard we try to make them stick- crumble and fall away. We need the right mixture to create concrete to repair the hole for good.
Friends and family are a good start, but to make the mixture complete we need Jesus. We need Jesus or else everything will fall apart. If we lack God our hole will eat everything it sees and fill up with nothing but darkness, hurting those around us. We all have a hole, except those of us who have Jesus because our hole has been filled by His perfect and unfailing concrete solution. We are whole through Christ.
I pray your hole is also filled by Him.
You may say that you still feel hollow even with God. Many do. Why? I once heard it said that Jesus fills our gaps but only the ones we let Him fill. If you still feel empty take a good look and see if your emptiness is something that you simply haven’t given over to Christ.
Fill up your soul with Jesus.   

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