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I didn’t get that God, what did you say?

We are all trying to hear God’s voice, to have His guidance, but as we wait and listen what happens? We get busy, we have things we gave to do and if God has not spoken yet then we feel forced to do without Him. We think, ‘I’ll go on ahead and God will catch up.’ Does that ever work? No! If going on ahead has taken you down the wrong path then you may end up with a very long trek back to the beginning where God is waiting for you to return. Or sometimes you go forward on the right path, but you go so far without taking God with you that you get used to doing things yourself. You stop asking God for His will and start doing your will and hoping God will guide you in that, not that you have asked Him to guide you in what you want to do, just that you expect Him to follow you around and go -(‘poof’) ‘what do you need’- whenever you pray. You say, ” but God has stopped talking to me.” Has He really? Or have you stopped listening? We want our way so we try to control God but that is not the answer. Unless we are guided by God we will end up where we don’t want to be. If God is sending you into a thorn infested jungle but your friends are going down a rainbow path, which guide are you going to follow? Hopefully God. Only He sees that the rainbow path has thieves and muggers and high taxed toll bridges, only He knows that the thorn path may be prickly but in the end will be safer. God knows all, so listen for the Spirit’s prompting. It may not be a voice, it may be a nagging thought, or an unignorable feeling. You don’t know how the spirit is going to communicate, that is why you need to pray about every decision and then go forward in faith.

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