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Happy Valentine’s Day

From what we know Saint Valentine was martyred by Claudius II. Most people go on and on about how st. Valentine was beaten and beheaded but most don’t go on about why? Valentine was killed -as far as We Know- for refusing to deny Christ though ordered to by the emperor. It has even been said that while imprisoned he healed the sight and the hearing of the daughter of his jailer. His life was love. We go on too much about how people died, we need to go on about how they lived. Yes he died horribly; but he lived as a true man of God, he lived to serve his Christ. Claudius could beat his body and imprison him and even kill him but he could never take away his Christianity! No one could touch that man’s soul. As someone who lived for Christ and died for Christ Valentine was truly embodying love. There have been lots of jokes today on how we celebrate love on the day of a man’s execution but we forget that that man died because he loved Jesus. And isn’t Jesus the greatest love story of all? So who else would be fitting to be the embodiment of this day but someone who gave up his life for the love he had for his savior. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day.

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