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Lent devotional, day 1

“He put his heart into his smile.”

Do we as people put our hearts into doing things for others? In the quote above the boy saw his friend was sad so he put his heart into the smile he gave him as a signal that he understood how his friend felt. War was looming, the two boys were just kids thrust onto the battlefield, and the one chose to comfort the other with a whole hearted smile. When we make supper for a relative because they are bed ridden, do we put our hearts into it? When we play with a child who has no friends and lives with their grandparents who can’t do outdoor games with them, do we do it with a begrudge feeling, or do we try to make the best of it?
When it is late and we have had a long day, do we put joy into our worship of God?
Do we put our hearts into our smiles?

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