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Lent devotional 2


The color white is a favorite of mine, probably because my first dog (whom I adore) was white. One thing about the color white that you learn quickly (especially if it’s on a pet) is that it stains really easily! My white little dog would sometime come back quite green or black from walks, sometimes both. As Christians we are washed white as wool from the scarlet stains of our sin, but can we become stained again? Of course. Sin never ceases, it’s part of life. We try hard not to get grass on our white robes but we trip and fall and then, oops, grass stains. Jesus forgives us daily so daily we must repent and turn back to Him. My mom once said, “it seems there is never a day without laundry,” I wonder if Jesus feels the same? Yet, like our loving parent, Jesus washes us clean again and then guards us as we venture back outside, knowing full well we will come back dirty again, but we have to keep growing and we can’t do that unless we go into the world and trust Jesus to love us enough to guide us and clean us up when we fall.

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