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Lent devotional 11

Pecked by a big duck

Some days you just have one of those days. Do you know what I mean? You got out of bed, the sun was shining and then…. you make a mistake that takes more effort than you would like to spend on fixing said mistake, plus you feel really bad about having made the mistake to begin with. Then you get notified of a problem that should have been solved months ago but the person who promised they had fixed the issue actually hadn’t done a thing so now not only have you been lied to but your problem is still there. So what do you do?
I called my mom and whined, so don’t do what I did. Then I got to work on fixing my mistake and I asked God for help so I would know how to fix my mistake. Then I went to deal with the person who had left me with a problem that they had sworn they had fixed. (I’m not being petty, the problem was costing me financially.) As I was debating on which ‘YOU LIED TO ME!’ Emoji looked the most condescending I felt a Holy Spirit twinge. That feeling that says, ‘hang on. Don’t do it that way.’ That feeling led me to finding the phone number of the person in charge, and being able to deal with my problem directly. I am also proud to say that I did not even mention the name of the person who had being screwing me over to their boss, not once….almost….but I didn’t do it! When I got home my problems and mistakes were on the mend and I could see how God had led me to the right solutions for all of them.
That’s what God does. He doesn’t always stop us from having bad things happen, but He does help us through them in ways that help us see Him. There will always be things that make us feel like were being pecked away at slowly by a duck, but those things will fade and sometimes we might look back and realize how truly minor our pecks were. Don’t let the pecks drag you down, shoo the duck away and keep walking!

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