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Lent devotional 33

When doubt calls up more doubt.

Doubt sounds like such a tiny word, it’s barely more than a syllable long, and yet…. doubt is the great destroyer. It destroys our dreams, our ambitions, our families, and our relationship with God. Doubt. It’s such an ugly word! I doubt that will happen. Stop. I doubt your words. Stop. I doubt God can do it, I even doubt He cares. Stop it! Can’t you hear God crying out amidst your doubt? Can’t you hear those who love you begging you to stop doubting and start living! Start trusting God! Stop using doubt as an excuse to run away! Stop using it as a reason to give up! Doubt doesn’t exist where there is Faith, doubt has no place at the throne of God! But it’s such a small thing, who cares if I doubt? God does! I do! It hurts those around you and causes you to want to give up when you know deep down that you should keep fighting! I don’t doubt that you can do it, I don’t doubt that God can help you! You don’t need the faith of Moses or David or Joshua, you only need faith the size of a musterdseed to move past this! God can’t work if you don’t let Him, so let God and blindly follow until He lets you see what He is doing. Doubt only leads to more doubt and soon it will drown you, but faith leads to more faith that will raise you up to fly on your battered and tired wings! God will carry you, but you have to trust Him and ditch your useless doubt!!

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