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Lent devotional 36

Palm Sunday

Palm trees are synonymous with peace. Palm trees signify tropical vacations. Palm fronds are common in gardens meant to draw us to serenity. So isn’t it fitting that the king who came to give us peace would ride in on an animal of peace stepping upon plants of peace. In truth palm Sunday is a very sad day, it’s the beggining of the suffering of Jesus, the true suffering. Jesus rode in amungst cheers and worship, but He knew that it was the beggining of His suffering. His smile would have masked the pain surrounding His heart, not particualrilly because He would suffer and die but because He, the one who knew God fully and had basked in the glory of His Father, would now know the cold wasteland of being without God. For us who know God a little here, the best we can on the earth, being without Him feels crushing. Now imagine knowing God completely and having been there since the first day, and now knowing that He would have a time away from that glorious God was heartbreaking.
Palm Sunday was a celebration. And we should celebrate Jesus and all He has done, but it was also a sorrow for the one who knew what was ahead.

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