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What’s in the mirror

When I am asked how I see myself I usually don’t have an answer. Taking the time to see oneself past everything else we take in during the day is hard, not to mention it feels pointless. Also, why do people care how you see yourself? I think the answer is, because they aren’t sure what traits or qualities they should look for in themselves. But perspective changes from person to person. My dog sees me as his friend… I think…. or perhaps as his personal pet who is still being trained to obey. My horse sees me as the treat and cuddles giver, who sometimes forces him to work when he would rather sleep. My cats see me as the over friendly slave, not employee, slave! Do as they tell you to or they will trip you in the yard.
In the end what does it matter how others see you, or even how you see yourself? All that matters is how God sees you. How do you know how God sees you? Read your Bible. He sees you as His beloved, His prized treasure, His children worthy or sacrifice. No matter your sin or failure, He sees you as someone worth chasing after. Why would you serve people who don’t care about the true you, and not serve God who loves you inspite of your mistakes? Who are you? How do you see yourself? You are God’s beloved, see yourself as His and you will always see yourself in the best light.

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