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Uncle Tom

As tears streamed down his face, he spoke with an unwavering voice, he shared his heart with us. It was proud, it was broken, it felt sorrow, yet it held faith. This side of Heaven, a strong man is briskly hiding his tears as he mourns someone he loved dear. He tributes his brother in Heaven with a grin as he recalls his face and his voice and his heart, but refuses to break because his brother would want him to smile.
When we get to Heaven what will people here be saying about us? Will our loved ones feel pride at having loved us? Will they have Faith in God knowing we are in Heaven? Will they say, ‘she loved Jesus fully?’ Will they say, ‘she was my best friend?’
Will we have a tribute that speaks the message of Jesus’ love?
Someone loves you and is watching you. That was the last thing I recall my Great Uncle saying to me, as he hugged me until my lungs popped. It’s a message we should all remember. God loves you and is watching you. Have you spent time with Him today? Will His name be spoken often when people remember you?

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