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Heaven’s angels

Today there is an angel with a dog bite on his hand, yesterday there was an angel with oil on his clothes, the day before there was an angel with too much heat as he stood guard today there is an angel watching over my heart. Every day there is an angel set upon us by God to watch over our actions as we do our part each day. Everyone has an angel the angels are gifts given to protect us by God, they never let us fall. There have been times when my angel has been dirty and worn because I know that that’s been my day and that he followed me through it. Those thorns in our skin as we worked in the yard and as weariness clowded our eyes God sends His angels to watch over us, and though they are not to be worshipped we should never forget the gift that they are. There have been days when there were angels who had been hit by another car as they pushed mine out of the way and kept me safe from the driver behind the deviating wheel. There’ve been times when my angel watches over those I love. There are days when I’m sure the angels have had enough but God is there watching over us each day, He sent his angels to guard us that’s what the Bible says.

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