Not acceptable

There are things we do as Christians that seems unacceptable by the world. This is because (as the Bible says) the world is offended by our light because they are lost in darkness. We have taken time off work to help someone who has no one else to call and been told that that is not acceptable, we reach out to the fallen because we are the only ones who see their reaching hands through the eyes of Christ and have been called unacceptable because of who we allow to have time in our lives and have had people who claim we are helping to forward our religion, but in truth we are helping because we see a need. Our music supports our Faith and is called unacceptable.
Not working on Sunday is considered unacceptable, smiling in the face of pain (because Jesus is just that amazing) is considered unacceptable. Not standing down when told to sit down and shut up is unacceptable, refusing to conform to everyone else’s standards is unacceptable, being free from the chains of this world is unacceptable, exercising our Faith, not giving in, never giving up- unacceptable.
Because those with a disease want you to be sick too, those who are being eaten alive by the devil want you to be devoured too so seeing your light and freedom makes them angry and you are marked as unacceptable.
Isn’t that wonderful! Paul want unacceptable, John was unacceptable, Elijah, Daniel, Mosses, David, all unacceptable at one time or another, Jesus… He was unacceptable too.
So, be unacceptable! Who wants to be accepted if it means having to give up what you believe in and who you are? Not me. I don’t throw Jesus in people’s faces but when asked I do say, ‘yes that is what I believe and who I believe in.’ If what I believe makes me unacceptable then that is something I need to be okay with. Because losing Jesus to gain this world is not something I am okay with.
So live unacceptably (to the world at least) and be a person who stands with Jesus.

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