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Listening or just hearing?

I want to live like I have been listening.

Do we live like we have been listening? I know that I don’t always. There will be things I say or do or don’t do and I realize after that it was not Christian. I know that sounds ridiculous to some, or maybe it sounds familiar others but it is still true. I used to always wear a WWJD bracelet to school so that I would remember that I was to live like Christ, yet it is so easy to forget who we are supposed to be following. The world says ‘If it makes you happy, then do it.’ But God says to do all things that are pleasing to Him (Romans 21:1). Do people ask us why we are different? Do they see Jesus in us? Do we live like we pay attention to our pastors, to our Bible, to Jesus? Do we live like we have been listening? I know that I don’t always, and I ask Jesus and The Holy Spirit to help me do better, all you have to do is ask and they will guide and help you. Trust Jesus, listen to Jesus and live like Christ the best you can. You won’t be perfect, you can’t be, but God looks at the effort of us doing our absolute best and that is all we need to strive for, because only He is perfect.

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