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To live is Christ- Paul

I have seen a lot of pain, mostly caused by people, I have seen a lot of tears, I have heard a lot of cries, I know that pain and suffering fill this earth and I know that many say, “then how can there be a loving God who could prevent all this?”

I get it, it’s hard to see how good He is when the news shows so much evil in this world, but we must remember, He gives us a free will and people have dark hearts at times, evil lives here on earth and the devil is constantly causing people to sin. We are selfish at times, we are uncaring at times, so there is pain. People want to claim that God doesn’t exist and then when bad things happen blame everything on Him because that’s the easiest solution it seems at times.
So why in a world so racked with pain do I believe in a loving God? Because there os still laughter, there is still healing that the doctors can’t explain, there is still hope in the eyes of the persecuted, those who are dying because they believe in Jesus so how dare I, how dare any of us who believe in Christ be willing to give up the fight because people want to laugh at us, or call us names, or wrongly accuse us? If people who are being killed still have hope in Jesus and do not deny or doubt Him in the midst of all they suffer then shouldn’t we?
To live is Christ Paul said. To live is to live for Jesus, nothing matters in this world but Him. If He is all that matters to you, then the opinions of this world won’t harm you.
Right now the persecuted Church needs extra prayer, and so do the people going back to school, those people who like to cause pain are out there, but God sends Warrior Angels to protect His children, just ask for them and look to see the difference that God makes. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength- Phillipians 4:13

Dear Jesus,
Send your warrior angels to protect your people this moment and every moment ahead of them. This world is full of pain and hate so helps us to be love through your healing to this hurting world. Help us to be different in a good way and to be so full of you that those around us can’t hurt us. I ask this in Jesus name, amen.

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