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People get all up in Peter’s business for his failures. He denied Christ, He didn’t have enough Faith to not go under the waves, He followed Jesus at a distance. Do you know why Peter failed so many times more than the other twelve? It was because Peter was always trying. Out of everyone, Peter always tried the hardest. Peter was outside the main area where Jesus was on trial, so he had the chance to be accused of having known Jesus. Peter actually got out of the boat.
Peter followed Jesus when the others ran away.
So what if Peter was afraid and sunk under the waves?
So what if Peter followed at a distance?
Peter was trying harder than anyone else to be as close as he could be to God.
Be like Peter friends, even if sometimes God has to chastise you for not doing things right, keep trying, and trying, and trying, even if you fail. I don’t doubt that Jesus loved the fact that Peter always tried, that is probably one reason He chose to use him in such a great way.

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