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Do we forget the importance of Selah- rest and reflection on God?
We are all so very busy these days. We are rushing for this and rushing for that, the news is depressing and scary, life is crazy and the things that many of us used to make us feel at peace we just don’t have time for. We don’t even have time for God. But God gave us a day to rest and specific times to rest. You say ‘I know the day of rest, Sunday- but what are these times of rest?”
When reading your Bible, have you noticed where it says Selah? Do you know what that means? It means rest and reflect on God and what you just read. Selah is a time of rest. You can stress and rush and worry all you like but it won’t change anything. But time with God will heal you, it will help you focus, it will even help clear your mind and drive your fears away. We need to take time of Selah. We need to not forfeit running to the safe arms of God, it’s the only place you can truly rest.

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