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Lent devotional 1

“Not yet… look up there.”

In a cloud of pain, rage and confusion we find a dark cloud growing, and growing, and growing some more. The cloud is so dark and dense the it itself is comforting in comparison to the bright and painful world beyond us. We cling to and accept the cloud, we even find joy in it. Then a friend runs to our aid and we are pulled from our misery cloud for a moment. The friend feels triumphant on our behalf, then suddenly another friend takes the sleeve of the first, “it’s not done yet, look up there, the cloud lingers near by becuse the feeling of the person that created the cloud still linger. Unless those feelings are gone, the cloud will never truly leave.” We miss the false peace the cloud brought us and we embrace it again. (This is borrowed and paraphrased from a movie)
We try so hard to release ourselves into Christ’s hands and let go of our dark feelings, but we can never full get rid of those emotions on our own, and until we release them they will be forever coming back. Only with the help and power of The Holy Spirit can we be truly rid of the dark cloud. Only through Jesus can we have the strength to let it all go and be free.

Dear Jesus. I know so many people who are going through life in a cloud of darkness that makes them feel hidden, safe, and secure. Jesus show them your power and love, set them free of their bondage in the way only you can, in that fully released way that makes it impossible for the darkness to return. Amen

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