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Lent devotional 4

To be a hero

To overcome the crisis in front of you, by giving everything you’ve got, and save people no matter the cost- that’s what makes someone a hero.

Right now, all over the world we have people, boots on the ground, in places marked as danger zones, helping people. Oh sure, they aren’t power punching a villan, but they are feeding the hungry, bringing medicine to the sick, holding the weary and broken. They don’t wear flashy costumes or say memorable quotes, so you might miss them; in fact they aren’t very loud about their presence at all, because in same places it is life threatening for them to be there. But they go anyway. Out of cost from their own pocket, leaving jobs on hold and families waiting, these quiet heros go To overcome the crisis in front of them, by giving everything they’ve got, and save people no matter the cost. Because that’s what Christians do. It could be as simple as shoveling the steps of an elderly neighbour, even though it’s -40.. or it could be as drastic as flying to a country that has been devestated by a natural disaster or a recent war, to give food, medicine and to help rebuild what has been destroyed.
We are called to be heroes, you are called to be a hero, don’t doubt what you can do for others, just do what you can and believe that everyone else who is doing just what they can will make up the difference of what you can’t do alone. You don’t need to wear a mask, just do what’s infront of you that you can do, do it with full cowling (wink), and never give in or give up when there are people to save.

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