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The Huguenot

Lent devotional 10

Today I ran across this painting by John Millias. The name of the painting is
‘A huguenot.’ You may not find that very interesting, but looking closely at the painting I found it intriguing, I wondered what was up with the white sash and why was the man pulling it away from his arm. When I did some reading on the painting I found out that it is a love story about a Catholic and a Protestant in Medieval France. The Catholic woman was tying a white sash around her protestant lover’s arm so he would be assumed Catholic and not be killed. The man is looking at her with love, but gently pulling the sash away, refusing to deny his true beliefs.
That was a long explanation I know, but I am getting to my point, though it is probably obvious by now.
We as Christians, find ourselves in positions often where we can either proclaim or deny Jesus as our savior. We are traitors if we deny Him, and we do not love Him. Jesus died for us we must be willing to do the same for Him. We must not hide and pretend to be someone we are not out of fear. Yes we may be ridiculed, in some countries we may even be killed but we must stand up and say, “I am a Christian.”
That is easy to say in the safety of Canada I know, and we may never know truly if we love Jesus enough to suffer for Him until we experience such a situation, but acknowledging Him in small things also shows how much we care. At work, at school, on the subway, on Facebook.
Don’t hide, proclaim.

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