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Just a rock

Lent devotional 11

What if I look deep inside and find no gems? What of I’m just a rock? -Whisper of the heart

We all want to be someone special; we all want to be a woman or man whose name is written in the stars, and most of us fear the same thing, we fear that after a lifetime of searching for gems deep inside we will discover that we are just rocks. Plain. Boring. Not special at all.
That fear can manifest itself in our forcing ourselves into a tallent that we don’t really possess. For years I have tried to teach myself how to draw and, as like all things you work at, I have gotten steadily better. I could never make a career of being a painter or drawer, that’s not my talent, but I wanted to see if I could improve myself because I wanted to. But what if I decided that drawing was my special gem inside myself, even though I was not gifted in this type of art? I could spend a lifetime trying to hone a gem that was not there and end up looking back at my life with discouragement. We fear being just a rock when so many others shine so brightly. We don’t want to feel like nothing. But being a bright and shining star doesn’t make those people better than you, just because they get more applause and have the spotlight. Don’t forget, stars are mostly helium and hydrogen, beautiful hot air. Guess what rocks are made out of? Most rocks are made out of microscopic, fused together, crystals. Even a stone slab covered in grafitti on the side of a bridge is filled with gems, they are just too small to see, but they make up the stone’s substance. Don’t fight your whole life trying to become a gemstone in fear of only being a rock, all rocks are gemstones in some way. Be yourself. Be who God created you to be. If He made you a singer then sing, even if it’s only for the Church worship team. If God made you a painter, paint, even if it’s ceilings in a hotel loby. If God made you fast, then run, who knows? You might win the Olympics. Don’t doubt the value of being a rock, and don’t work to written in the stars, just work to be written in God’s book.

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