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Know my heart?

Lent devotional 12

Psalm 139: 23
Search me oh God and know my heart.

This is a a scary verse. I know people quote it like it’s something soothing or peaceful, but it’s scary. We are literally asking God to search us, to test us, we are putting ourselves into His hands and saying ‘come on in God and de-clutter as you see fit.’ That’s scary. You don’t know what God will want to throw away from your life that He doesn’t like, it may be something of great value to you, and suddenly it’s gone. This is a verse of complete surrender. You do not say this verse lightly. Being rid of things that God does not want in your life is always a good thing, but that doesn’t make it easy. But when God is your ultimate, when He is your everything, your life will have a new direction, you will become more steadfast, you will have greater peace. Don’t say this verse if you don’t mean it, and if you say it and do mean it then be ready for God to do some throwing away, and have Faith that the end result will be worth the loss.

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