Devotional · Jesus · lent

St.Patrick, the true story

Lent devotional 15


In the midst of human sacrifices and superstitious fear the voice of a mother holding a sick child cried out, “with all the gods we serve is there no god of mercy?”
In the same area, out in the fields with his flock, cried another voice, “as a slave in the land of my captivity I have found freedom in you God.” That was the beginning of Patrick’s mission to Ireland, he wasn’t even Irish, but he was a Christian. As a boy his father’s religous pious irritated him, but as a captive in a new land, brought as a slave by Marauders, he found that his mind traveled back to God. Alone with his sheep Patrick prayed about everything, and found God near and ready to answer. After God caused Patrick’s sheep to be the only healthy livestock after a year of drought, the man was then brought before the clan chief. Patrick gave all the credit to the one true God who saw him in his weakness and helped him. This caused the chief’s wife to ask Patrick to pray for her son. After God healed the bed ridden child the clan’s priest devised to have Patrick killed, but our loving Father made a way for his servant to Escape and find his way by boat back home. Then after troubling dreams Patrick returned to Ireland twenty years later to find the human sacrifies to have gotten considerably worse, as had the famine and disease. The priest of the clan ,after seeing Patrick had returned, demanded the man walk the ‘trial of fire’ to prove his God true. Patrick agreed to walk fire laced walkway to the pyre for sacrifies but said that the priest of the pegan gods had to walk with him. Without looking back to see if the pegan priest followed, Patrick strode to the fire and prayed to God in his heart, we don’t know what he prayed but I suspect it went something along the lines of ‘but even if you don’t God, my trust is in you.’ Patrick had ash and flame fall all around him, but like the three Hebrew boys in Nebuchadnezzar’s day, no flame touched him; the clothes of the other man, however, lit on fire and he ran away.
After that Patrick and the son of the chief went through Ireland spreading the gospel and telling people, ‘yes, there is a God of hope and mercy, His name is Jesus.’
The true story of Patrick makes you realize why he was so important to so many people, because he was just one more reminder of what happens when God is in control.

This story rendition is taken from the story done on St. Patrick by the Christian History Institute. If anything doesn’t seem possible or accurate to you in this story please take it up with them. For me, I started to realize that God makes the impossible possible a long time ago, as for accurate, I have to believe that the people who have degrees in historical study know what they are talking about.

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