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Magnified in death and life

Lent devotional 22

Even dying on the cross Jesus was more than enough.

Many see Jesus’ moment on the cross as a moment He was weak in. It was the end and He was dying. The ministry, the battle, it all stopped with the first fall of the hammer. The first fall of the hammer, the first snap of the cat of ninetails, the first I Am He, was when it all began.
Do you remember in Ben Hur when Judah and his girlfriend bring his mom and sister to see Jesus, to see the one man who could heal them and fix it all, but when they got to Him He was already hanging on the cross? His eyes met theirs and the girlfriend quickly brought them away because people were angry that lepors were there. Remeber what she said? She appologized for making them walk from the lepor colony to Golgatha only to see Him die, that that wasn’t what she had intended for them to see, that she had made a mistake. And Judah’s mother replied, “oh my darling, you did not fail.”
Why? Because even beaten and dying on the cross Jesus was still enough to heal them. He healed their heart and returned hope to them. Hope of life better than this one. In Paradise.
Jesus was never stronger than when He was on the cross, that was His bravest moment, because it was His moment of weakness and pain, yet He endured for us. He could have called down the leagons of Heaven and saved Himself, but He suffered agony and died for us. I seek Him because He is wonderous, I praise Him because He is glorious, but I love Him because He is good and cares for me.
What weak moment of pain are you in right now? Maybe it’s your most powerful moment of courage too, because you have chosen to endure. Jesus was just as powerful bleeding on the cross as He was rising from the grave.

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